As a removal company we often get calls asking for a quote over the phone, but unfortunately it can be really difficult to give an accurate price this way. Where possible, we always recommend arranging a home visit or a video call as we always like to see what needs to be moved and get the most accurate picture first time. 

Every home we move is completely different, for example one three bedroomed house could belong to a family of 5 or equally house a single person. These two moves would be totally different in lots of ways, which is why would always advice we see it in person so we can make sure we have got everything right and you get the best price.

During a home survey you will meet one of our friendly surveyors, either Danny or Chris, who will have a walk round of the property with you and take a digital inventory. The visit will also give you a chance to point out any pieces of furniture that you may like us to dismantle and reassemble or any items that might prove to be tricky on move day. It also allows us to view the access to the property and how close we can get our removal vehicles.

Above all, we just want to make sure we get it right – for you and for us. A quotation based on guesswork can cause mayhem on move day, resulting in unforeseen charges and stress. If your move is underestimated and not enough vehicles allocated to accommodate the move, this can lead to serious to delays, stress and pressure on the rest of the chain. Not to mention aggro from the people waiting with keys to move in! 

Home visits and surveys take on average around 15 minutes and are completely free of charge with no obligation to book with us. We have allocated hourly time slots Monday-Friday between 9-5pm. 

When you are ready for a quote, give us a call on 07596121856 or email us at and we will arrange a survey for a time and day that suits you.