Before we move house, we have to pack and for some people this can be a stressful and daunting prospect. There’s the kid’s old toys, and that pile of DIY stuff you haven’t touched for years, it’s hard to know where to start. Which is why using a packing service can be a great idea. 

The main benefit is, well, you don’t have to do anything! Our team of expert packers arrive fully equipped with a full range of quality packing materials. Fragile items (vases, ornaments, plates, bowls etc) are individually wrapped and protected, reducing the risk of damage in transit. We used double walled, professional packing boxes in two sizes which makes for great stacking on the vehicles on move day.

Another great thing is that you can live in your home as it is until the day before you move. There’s no living amongst boxes, bags and dismantled furniture for weeks, you can live freely as you normally would. It is especially great for families with young children those who are less physically able and need some support.

Most importantly, having the professionals in to pack means you can take less time off from what you do day to day. It also frees up more time to deal with all the other important move day tasks – its one less thing to do! We offer different levels of packing, starting with our full house pack, packing your entire home. Our fragile only pack includes anything that can smash, shatter or break. Our packing service can also be customised for selected room packing and tailored to suit your individual needs. For packing and removal services in Nottingham call us today on 07956121856 to arrange your free quote.